don’t keep this dish in the fridge

don’t keep this dish in the fridge


Tomatoes. don't keep this dish in the fridge

Like in every home, tomatoes are in the fridge. Often the reason is the need to take it fresh on a salad. We think it will rot if not kept in the fridge. But the tomatoes should be at room temperature. Otherwise, the surface of the tomato may look bleak. If you want to add a slice of tomato to a salad or a sandwich, leave it in the fridge shortly before eating. So don’t keep this dish in the fridge

2.bee honey

bee honey. don't keep this dish in the fridge
bee honey

Honey is something that can be kept for 100 years in a well-covered bottle. A bottle of honey may be present in your kitchen from your birth. It is therefore unnecessary to put honey in the fridge. If you want to taste frozen honey without the natural texture of honey, it is okay to put it in the fridge.

3.Soy sauce

Soy sauce don't keep this dish in the fridge
Soy sauce

No one knows when and how people used to put soy sauce in the fridge. But it’s probably there. Putting the soy sauce on the outside cupboard is enough. Otherwise, the bacterial treatment in soy sauce is less effective. Similarly, its flavor and quality are reduced.



This could be a new news for many. In extreme cold conditions, some foods quickly decay and decay. The same goes for cucumbers. If you want to taste that cool, put the Cucumber in the fridge a little before using.



Most people do not put the banana in the fridge because there is no space in the fridge. Because of the cold, the bananas quickly turn black. The best thing is to bring some bananas and eat them at room temperature rather than ripen.


We are accustomed to eating fresh apples that are crunchy and fresh. But for the apple to taste good, it has to be at room temperature. Even in the shops, the apples are not in the fridge. The aroma and texture of green apples, in particular, are altered.

 don't apple keep this in the fridge


Carrots is don't keep this in the fridge

Carrots, like cucumbers, have a natural water composition. When faced with extreme cold conditions, it tends to rot quickly. At room temperature, carrots control their water levels very well.So don’t keep this dish in the fridge

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