We protect the eyes from digital screens

We protect the eyes from digital screens

Protect the eyes from digital screens. Parents scold children when they are watching TV from near the TV screen. As in the past, it is best for television to be far away. In particular, children need to reduce their television viewing time and keep the television viewing distance from five to six meters away. Because of the growing sensitive eyes of children can quickly become over harming.

Not just the television, but the laptop that lights up and shows us images, And also, increased use of digital screens, such as monitors, phones, tablets, etc., can make children look bad.

1.So what’s going on?

children are watching TV
Children are watching TV

The harmful light from these digital screens can directly affect the eyes. On the other hand, our minds misunderstand that these digital screens are daylight. Therefore, the use of more digital screens at night can cause sleep cycles, or sleep disorders. And the eye is something that directly affects the rest of the head. It can also cause headaches and other disorders. Growing up with these digital screens can directly affect our eyes and our mental health.

2.Twenty minutes

man watching TV he cannot protect the eyes from digital screens
man watching TV

People who use digital screens, wait 20 seconds for something that is at least 20 meters away every 20 minutes. It’s a little hard work in an office. But if you have a cellphone at home, you need to go outdoors and work during the day. After that, it is practically possible to rest this kind of eyes for twenty minutes. It is also advisable to reduce the use of digital screens during the night. If you really want to use it, it is best to use ordinary light at home.

3.Working posture

woman using laptop
woman using laptop

Even a laptop, two meters away from us can work if we use an extra key board. The longer the distance, the less damage to the eyes. The upper limit of the eyes should be kept at the top of the computer screen when sitting. If you are watching a movie from a cell phone or laptop, it is best to watch it from a distance.

Even if the TV is LED, it is good for the eyes to get away from the TV and watch it. When we use digital screens, if we keep the digital screen above our eyes, the size of the eyes is much larger. It brings more light to the eye. It is not good for eye health.

4.eye check and glasses

eye check then protect the eyes from digital screens
eye check

Part of the bright light emitted by digital screens is bad for the eyes. There are glasses and textures that are used above the screen to filter this blue light. Also, there are special eyeglasses built into computer screens for digital screens to prevent this blue light from entering the eye.

If you work on digital screens for a few hours a day, you should do a good eye exam once a year. Also, if you have any eye pain or discomfort in your eyes, you may want to use digital eyeglasses with medical recommendations.

5.New technology for eye health

new computers can protect the eyes from digital screens

The eyes can be affected by a number of digital screens. Screens that filter out the hazardous parts of blue light are now coming to monitors. There are a number of monitor manufacturers like ASUS, VIEW SONIC, HP and others that are better suited for the eyes.

When using digital screens in normal light, it is better to reduce the brightness to the background we are using. Also, if you read too much text, it is a good practice to enlarge the text as much as you want.

6. Decrease the number of hours you use the screens

man watch TV
man watch TV

Officially, if one does something like graphic design, type settings, it is very difficult to do the job in front of the digital screen. But if you just sit on the office screen and use your phone and come home and watch TV, we can reduce the time we spend in front of the digital screen.

Reducing cell phone usage, watching TV, watching movies and watching TV series is all we can do. Entertainment is something we can get from the digital screens as well as the old ways. If we give more time than usual to play with friends, read books, or work in the backyard, then you can protect the eyes from digital screens.

7.Good habits for the eyes

man watch TV
man watch TV

When using digital screens, it is important to have some other light around. We often watch films in the dark. But when watching movies from home TV or laptop, you need to look at the film in a certain light. If your eyes are painful due to dryness, there are artificial tears to use on those eyes. This will keep the eyes dry and moisturize quickly.

Some damage to the eyes can cause permanent disability in the eyes. And after some damage to the eyes, we have to keep our eyes off the screen as much as necessary. Therefore, we need to change our habits, even if it is a little difficult, with our eyes fixed. Then we will be able to protect the health of our eyes for a long time.

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